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BREAKING: DC Judge Refuses to Consider Disparities in Pezzola Sentencing Hearing. READ the filing HERE.

Through the combined efforts of Condemned USA and the NCLU, this 280 page motion was filed to Judge Kelly on behalf of Dominic Pezzola detailing the vast disparities in criminal charges resulting from political activity in the United States.

Attorney Roger Roots explains in the document how according to:

“Section 3553(a)(6) of Title 18 directs a sentencing court to “consider … the need to avoid unwarranted sentence disparities among defendants with similar records who have been found guilty of similar conduct.” Unfortunately, the Justice UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Complainant, v. Case 1:21-cr-00175-TJK Document 886 Filed 09/01/23 Page 1 of 7 Department seems to be presently prosecuting and imprisoning conservative, “right-wing” and Trump-advocating defendants with extreme zeal which does not match the Department’s levels of prosecution against similar defendants with different political orientations. As the DOJ prosecutes former President Trump in at least two federal jurisdictions, there is a growing danger that the Department is violating the principles of § 3553(a)(6) in its drive to retaliate, destroy, and humiliate all who supported the former President.”

Page 2 of Supplement


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