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ROOSTER IN THE COALMINE: Proud Boys and The Cost of Partisan Media in America – Part I

Putting things into Layman’s Terms

Before I begin, let me congratulate legacy media for their 7-year assault on common sense which made this analysis borderline impossible. This analysis serves as a deserved response to decades of skewed far-left coverage against everyday Americans who have seen their lives ruined by bad actors in high places. Without further ado, let us dive in.

Gavin McInnes and the Birth of Controversy

For those who don’t know- Gavin McInnes is a writer, podcaster, conservative commentator, and founder of Vice News and the Proud Boys.

In a pre-PB world, America was in an interesting place- it was the era of Milo Yiannopolos fame, and the first bits of mainstream coverage of increasing left-wing violence emerging on college campuses.

While in the end, Yiannoppolos’s true nature disappointed much of the right, in 2017, he was still an unapologetic, fast-talking, snarky commentator that made him popular in a world sick of apologizing for existing.

On speakers’ tours, Americans headed to the heart of Berkeley to exercise their 1A rights – and the left was having none of it.

A CBS Headline from 2017 read ‘Alt-Right ‘Proud Boys’ Declare Victory In Berkeley Melee’, they failed to mention the far-left violent extremists that dove into the heart of Berkley to leverage their terrorism as a means to silencing the speakers.

Over 150 black bloc rioters coopted a peaceful counter-protest to Milo’s speech, setting fires, damaging property, throwing fireworks, rocks, and Molotov cocktails at police, and attacking the crowd. They assaulted a Syrian Muslim, who was pepper sprayed as extremists screamed “You look like a Nazi”.

When Antifa says they are “fighting Nazis…” Nazi functions as a catch-all for ‘if I feel like punching you, you’re a Nazi.’

The headlines focused on Proud Boys, to deliberately misshape public perception.

CBS interviewed a local attendee, unconfirmed to be a club member:

“Q: But you are going to upset people by your presence.

A: But that’s their problem. They seem to be upset about a lot of things that are completely irrational. We don’t have an answer for that. If they want to hold a rally where I’m from, they’re welcome to do it. There might be a counter demonstration But, we’re not going to stop them from exercising their freedom of speech.”

The fact is that Proud Boys birthed in many ways as a reaction to a world created by far-left narcissism. The need for an all-male drinking club was born of an America that couldn’t shut up about their first-world problems and blamed men for their misgivings. The group was founded over simple jokes among friends, and Gavin’s small group took root fast during an obnoxious rise of manufactured sexism from radical third-wave feminists. (And back then, even the left was tiring fast of their BS.)

Credit to Shoeonhead

Armed with the power of memes, they set out to ‘radically’ change the face of America… one shot of Jack at a time.

Tenets of Memedom

“The Proud Boys are a fraternal organization founded on a system of beliefs and values of minimal government, maximum freedom, anti-political correctness, anti-racial guilt, pro-gun rights, anti-Drug War, closed borders, anti-masturbation, venerating entrepreneurs, venerating housewives, and reinstating a spirit of Western chauvinism during an age of globalism and multiculturalism.”

The rule is more formally called ‘No Wanks.

But for the mainstream, refusing to be ashamed of your skin color was reframed into racism, closed borders into xenophobia, and satire died entirely.

For instance…

Trolling the Experts — By simply posting on their own Telegram channels convinced mainstream media Proud Boys were flying overseas to rescue Ukrainian Women.

Far-Left Means

So who took credit for the Berkley violence?

By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) – InfluenceWatch – InfluenceWatch

The radically violent left endorsed and embraced any means of terrorism they could find to justify their hate of a new enemy. Not precisely Antifa, but equally as violent. Why though? Dartmouth Professor Mark Bray, an admitted radical violence sympathizer gives us an idea for this answer:

“Anti-fascists are illiberal. They don’t see fascism or white supremacy as a view with which they disagree as a difference of opinion. They view organizing against them as a political struggle where the goal is not to establish a regime of rights that allow neo-Nazis and victims to coexist and exchange discourse, but rather the goal is to end their politics.”

Yeah…. Just one issue with that. Everyone to the right of Hillary Clinton is a ‘Nazi’ to the violent extremists he’s endorsing. Antifa’s goal is quite literally to eradicate anyone they disagree with, or force that person to adhere to their vision of the world… or else.

You know, like a fascist.

According to Bray, the origins of Antifa pre-date Proud Boys.

“A lot of the groups I spoke to formed in 2015, 2016 and even 2017. There were hundreds of groups in the ARA network in the ’90s, then it went into a lull in the 2000s and picked up a little bit again in the late 2000s and early 2010s, but even in radical left circles was very far down the list of prominent activities. But with the Trump campaign revving up and then his victory, that made more people convinced of its usefulness.”

When the media gaslights you into believing the Molotov cocktails being shucked at your local Target are a figment of your imagination, remember people are making money writing entire books on the subject.

“Max and John” and The New York Nine

A pivotal point in the history of the Proud Boys, the convictions of Max and John became the first dive PB’s suffered under radicalization of our courts against the truth.

The Event

Founder Gavin McInnes was slated to give a speech at the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan New York. As they do, left-wing extremists caught wind of McInnes daring to participate in free speech and were having none of it.

At 1:30 a.m., the club’s headquarters were vandalized, and threats were left for the group to find in the morning.

The Fight

Not one to negotiate with terrorists, Gavin engaged in the radical act of…. He gave his speech anyway at the club and left when it was done. After, police outside split the groups apart, but Antifa took it upon themselves to violate the police orders, circle the building, and further engage in radicalized violence.

They did not seem to enjoy the consequences of that decision.

A New York jury bought the mainstream narrative and dismissed the fact that Antifa had chosen to threaten and vandalize the members of the Metro club, violate the police orders by circling the building -and Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman were convicted over the altercation, and the smear job the media and prosecutors engaged went off without a hitch.

Allegations of Racism were used to turn the public against the Proud Boys on trial. To what end? Clearly, not the truth

This ultimately became the reason Gavin would choose to step down, and in his place, the group replaced the Founder’s position with a new one, a new man, and a new title.

Enrique Tarrio was appointed to be the Chairman of the group until he decided to step down in February of 2022, just a few weeks shy of his January 6th raid and arrest on March 8th, 2022.

Stay Tuned for Part Two

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