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Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio Sentenced to 22 Years for Remote Insurrection on J6

After nearly three years of hype, Enrique Tarrio expressed apologies to those harmed by the events of January 6th and the government was reliably absurd as the former Proud Boy National Chairman was somewhat officially denounced as a terrorist and sentenced to 22 years in federal prison.

Tarrio, the de-facto leader of the unarmed and spontaneous seditious conspiracy against fencing material and parliamentary procedure at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, received his sentence from District of Columbia District Judge Timothy Kelly after hours of mostly ceremonial argument and allocution.     

Antifa’s darling journalist reported: 

Where would we be* without Brandi’s description of the latest in Gulag fashion? 

Just as in the hearings of Biggs, Rehl, Pezzola, and Nordean, Judge Kelly explained where sentencing guidelines would be set — neutering as many arguments as practical before they could be made.  

After some back and forth, Judge Kelly reportedly began “sniffing” through Defense Counsel Sabino Jauregui’s arguments that Tarrio was a “misguided patriot” on January 6 — presumably searching for a reason to say he was listening.  

Much the same as in previous Proud Boy sentencing matters, the question of black fence removal terrorism was a central point of contention. Tarrio was nowhere near the terrorized fence on January 6 — a fact which prompted Jauregui to ask a direct question of the Court: 

“How many layers removed does my client have to be to still be found responsible for these other people’s actions?”

Although Judge Kelly reportedly left any specific distance to the wind, the Terrorism enhancement was applied — leaving us all to deductively reason that the answer is “At least as far away as Maryland.”

No enhancement on the Obstruction of Justice charge was provided, however, and after noting that it’s perfectly legal for a defendant to tell another defendant to not talk to police, Judge Kelly set the guideline range between 27 and 33 years. 

In their request for a sentence of “360 months to life”, the United States Attorney’s Office bolstered  their position with screenshots of hyperbolic memes and text messages. One can imagine US Attorney Matt Graves as he approved the government’s sentencing memorandum —slobbering like an obese male imposter with nothing better to do while waiting for Mommy Garland to warm up his next hot pocket — stirring up drama as though DC District Court were a Facebook mommy group.

Among the breathtaking exhibits presented by the prosecution was a post where Tarrio implied that liberty comes when the government fears the people.  

Tarrio expressed his feelings in a communication with Mel Hawley some weeks ago.

Nevertheless, US Attorney Conor Mulroe pressed forward with what some say are limp-wristed arguments — characterizing the sale of “Enrique Tarrio Did Nothing Wrong” T-shirts after the burning of a “Black Lives Matter” banner as “visible manifestation” of his endorsement of “misinformation” and violence. 

No word from the US Attorney as to whether or not the same rule applies to the burning of American Flags in Freedom Plaza.    

Mulroe further noted Tarrio’s response to calls for him to denounce January 6th:

“Denounce this dick.”

Henry “Enrique” Tarrio

“This isn’t misguided patriotism,” explained Mulroe, “It’s dangerous.”

Defense Attorney Nayib Hassan argued back that Tarrio’s statements were “shit-talking” — part of an Afro-Cuban upbringing. Moving away from meme-worthy rhetoric, Hassan leaned into a request for leniency through mention of Tarrio’s history of charitable work through the years.  

But Judge Kelly remained unfazed, and instead, asked for a break — seemingly confused as to why Tarrio wasn’t ready to apologize for his Seditious Conspiracy and stuff.  

When court resumed, Hassan read a letter from Tarrio’s godmother, and Judge Kelly heard in-person testimony from his sister, his fiancé, and his mother.

“He’s the type of person to give you the shirt off his back,” his sister explained, “To know the real him is to love him.”

Tarrio’s fiancé described him as a flawed man who’s learned much from his experiences. His mother explained that she sat through trial every day because it was important for everyone to know he has a family that believes in him.

“We need him home as soon as we can,” his mother said.

At 4:33 EST Enrique Tarrio took the stand to finally speak for himself in front of Judge Kelly, and expressed remorse for those affected by January 6 — voicing displeasure with those who’ve referred to frontline police that day as traitors.

“This trial has humbled me,” he explained before addressing the residents of D.C. directly.

“How would I feel if someone came to my home and turned it upside down?” he explained, “I’m profusely sorry for what happened that day.”

Tarrio further explained that he woke up, in early November 2020, thinking the election was stolen and coordinated with officers to mitigate harm. As December reached its midway point, he began to have doubts. A feeling of dread increased and he no longer wanted the spotlight.

Nevertheless, he did nothing to stop, or even slow the pace of what was coming.

“I had a chance to calm things down and I didn’t,” he explained, “Watching events at the Capitol unfold, I again, chose not to be the voice of reason.”

“My deepest regret is how others were affected,” Tarrio added while noting there is no place for political violence. He expressed respect for the prosecution but strongly disagreed with their characterizations — explaining that he’s not a political zealot.

Perhaps reasonably (if one believes anything about January 6, 2021 to be reasonable), Judge Kelly expressed doubts about the sincerity of Tarrio’s remorse for Sedition he’s never admitted to — referencing a meme from late-December 2020 in the aftermath of the BLM banner burning on the 12th.

Nevertheless, Judge Kelly leaned away from the terrorism enhancement — explaining that it overstates Tarrio’s intent that day.

22 years for Proud Boy Henry “Enrique” Tarrio.

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*HUGE Thanks to Brandi Buchman for live-xeeting the hearings this week. A lot of people (including me) like to mock her, but without her work, we wouldn’t have been able to put together timely, gonzo reports this last week.

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