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Roosters in the Coal Mine PT II: Proud Boys and the Cost of Partisan Media in America

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After the partisan convictions of Max and John, leadership changed hands, and the Proud Boys continued to live as they always had- unapologetic, snarky, and free. I was able to sit down with a member of the club from Oregon and ask what happened during the next few years; the ‘Portland Years.’

The Club

The first I asked was what changes the club underwent in a ‘leadership’ change, but the answer I received was different than one might expect: about ‘Chapter Autonomy.’ Mainly, that no two chapters are alike. Ultimately, being a fraternity means everyone functions as equals; light leadership keeps life a bit organized but there’s no mysticism beyond that– no rank and file. The rule of thumb with Proud Boys is, that they do what they want.

Q: “Tell me about the Elders council.”
A: “I don’t know much about what they do. They don’t affect my life at all. I joined because I wanted to help protect people who were working hard to try and save Oregon. I don’t know about the rest of the world; I just try to save my community.”

Q: “So, what you’re saying is you suffer from this radical idea that Proud Boys are made up of individuals and no two men are completely alike. And everything about the club reflects that.”
A: (Laughs) “Yeah, pretty much. Were just a fraternity. We don’t rule and dictate over anyone. We believe in freedom and the American way.”

Q: “So how did you get involved with the club?”
A: “I got involved when I was driving downtown Portland, working, and I saw a group of men – who were outnumbered 10 to 1, trying to defend a group of women protesting. I got out of my truck and chose to help. People don’t know how bad it is out here; the police don’t help. The first march was called the End Domestic Terrorism March. You’ve probably seen the picture on the bridges – with Enrigue, Joe, Ethan, and all the guys. There was no violence there. The police did their job. We met on the east side of the river and marched. The media follows us around every time there’s a rally, so we thought we could get some publicity on Portland. Portland was suffering a lot from the violence. I think the guys wanted to kind of demonstrate there to make a point. We were peaceful. We just marched.”

The Boys marching and chanting across the bridge.

It seems that there was some level of success in changing the hearts and minds of the people, as USA Today made SURE to circle the wagons and not allow the truth to make too many rounds in the light of day.

John Bacon’s article reads like a love story to Rose City Antifa, who recently vandalized a reporter’s car for reporting on their trial with Andy Ngo.

Reporters car after being vandalized by far-left violent extremists.

She was on her way back to her car after watching and reporting live on the trial of Rose City Antifa for their assault on reporter Andy Ngo, years prior.

Andy Ngo of course, is a gay Vietnamese reporter who was doxed, threatened, and hospitalized by Antifa. He won $300,000 in a settlement against his attackers in 2023. Not very inclusive of them.

CHAZ/CHOP and Double Standards in the Media

When Seattle security officer, Nikolas Fernandez, took a wrong turn on the way to work on a Sunday afternoon in June of 2020. His erroneous route was met with tons of protestors in the wake of the Floyd Riots of 2020.

Upon driving down a street packed with protestors, one reached into his car to grab the steering wheel, and Fernandez panicked. He shot the protestor in the shoulder. Fernandez had a brother in the local police force, and the headlines ran wild.

This was the incident that became the birth of CHAZ, an illegal occupation ‘protest’ of an entire city block of Seattle that the authorities just… let take over. CHAZ lasted for almost a month until several shootings forced the hand of authorities to restore order… and property rights back to normal.

The media’s irresponsible coverage of the incident led 16-year-old Antonio Mays Jr. to venture to the territory, where he was shot and killed.

As of June 8, 2023, there is still no arrest for his murderer.

Who do they blame? Police. For not enabling the occupation enough to provide tax-payer services to an illegal occupation that was calling for the reduction of the police by HALF.

Now imagine a world where Proud Boys had set up an autonomous zone anywhere in the United States. Anywhere. The National Guard is called out in full force when the Boys come just to march and speak. Much less fence of entire neighborhoods in an illegal occupation endorsed by far-left extremists in power, like Kate Brown and Ted Wheeler.

It was a few months later when the Patriot Prayer group also dared to hold a rally in their local community. Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson was gunned down in the streets of Portland while leaving the rally.

Video of the shooting shows Danielson being stalked and followed before Michael opening fire on Aaron.

My source in the Proud Boys had also been violently attacked leaving a rally.

Q: “You said you were stabbed once at a rally. Tell me about that.”
A: “Just look at the picture. It was at an event called August 22nd. We were supporting police who were trapped and attacked by BLM and Antifa were trying to burn the building. When I was trying to leave, they stuck me with the knife on the way back to my car. The media claimed we were ‘run off’ at the end of the rally. When we were already leaving. That’s why we wear body armor for protection.”

A butcher knife sticks out of his plate carrier after a peaceful anti-fascist just lightly stabbed a man who doesn’t believe in fascism on his way back to his car.

Q: “Whenever anyone criticizes Antifa the first thing we always hear is that they’re just anti-fascist. What’s your reaction to that? How do you feel about fascism?
A: “My family killed Nazis. My brother’s families have fought against the Nazis. I will fight fascism and communism as long as I live.”

Q: The big elephant in the room is the Supremacy claims. What CAN you say about Proud Boys and their relationship with “White Supremacy”?
A: “Like I said, I hate supremacy. We have black, white, Asian, Latino, brothers of all backgrounds. We don’t ask about any of that when you join. We just want to know if you’ll get along with the group. We don’t support any of that. But because of chapter autonomy maybe there’s a chapter out there somewhere that allows that, but I don’t know anyone like that. That has nothing to do with me, my brothers, or my org. I’ve seen some people like that at the rallies though. We call them photo-bomb Nazis. They attend other’s events and act like people support them when they don’t. So, they co-opt the rally, post a picture with a swastika and if there’s PB’s in the crowd, PB’s get blamed for these guys.”

According to him, the next rally in Portland was much the same. Joe and Enrique brought the boys up north. Did Interviews and worked to get visibility on Antifa violence, and to protest Ted Wheeler hog-tying his police force by banning the use of non-lethal crowd dispersal methods.

So, to help, the Proud Boys devised kind of an ingenious plan: They’d simply show up, and the powers that be would be FORCED to do their jobs.

And they were right.  

Brown took the bait and finally chose to protect the people, but she made sure to blame Proud Boys for making her do it.

You’re welcome? I guess?

Due to shutdowns all around Portland in an attempt to stop the rally, Proud Boys rented bathrooms to help Police and Military on duty for the event. Thanks to the emergency order, Antifa and BLM were kept out of the rally, and things remained peaceful.

Q: “Did you personally receive any threats from Antifa before the Portland rally?”
A: “Oh yeah, I’ve been Doxed. And they still attack me constantly. I’ve gotten death threats, they’ve gotten a lot of my brothers fired, and they’ve tried to hack my bank accounts. All my cars have been damaged by Antifa.”

Q: “Have you ever had a chance to cross tribal lines and have a good exchange with Antifa?”
A: “No. Not once. BLM was willing to talk across party lines, though. I don’t care what their beliefs are as long as they aren’t hurting people or damaging their property.”

And the evidence of Antifa violence and hateful rhetoric is long.

Q: “Why do you think the media is so hostile to Proud Boys?”
A: “Because they’re part of the DSA, Democrats, etc. There’s financial incentives to help each other take over.”

He’s not kidding. The SPLC boasted they had a war chest of over 739 million dollars last year pursuing their causes. The far-left org even labeled Jewish activist David Horowitz and ‘extremist’ but have no entries to be found about the MSA, or Muslim Students Association.

‘I’m a Jew. The head of Hezbollah has said he hopes we [Jews] will all gather in Israel, so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For it? Or against it?”
“For it.”

When dealing with the SPLC, anyone with common sense is more inclined to understand them through the lens of Influence Watch.

Q: “In my experience, I find that Proud Boys tend to be even to a degree more progressive than average Republicans. Do you agree or disagree?”
A: “We reflect the neighborhoods we live in. We’re like 30 to 40% ethnically diverse. We have more diversity than the United States. We never ask about your race, religion, or even who you vote for. We only care that you care about the Constitution and the American way. I don’t care what you think. I just don’t want you to hurt anybody.”

Q: “How do you feel about the current sentencing for Ethan, Joe, Zach, Dom, and Enrique?”
A: “Today at our march there were 70 people who prayed for my brothers and our country, to bring justice for them. We know how corrupt it is, we know how bad it is. We have 5 suicides because of the DOJ persecution. They give us 18 years for pushing on a fence. While murderers are walking around DC, and they do nothing about it.”

Enrique Tarrio was sentenced for the highest penalty to date in a January 6th case. The evidence against him? Barely qualified as evidence. And context was robbed of the public, and the jury. By design. We will be recapping the entire day of January 6th and chronicling the truth of what role Proud Boys played and DIDN’T play on that day, and how the same media mismatch games played into the conviction and theft of over 80 years of life taken from the defendants in the Proud Boys ‘Trial of The Century.’

To recap on Part I: SEE HERE.

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