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New Mexico Remains a Test Ground for Michelle Lujan Grisham’s “Emergency” Infringements of Constitution

In the Land of Enchantment, where los pistoleros go ping, the right to bear arms is under attack. 

Somewhere in her infinite wisdom, typically meted out through clandestine jewelry purchases while the peasants are commanded to stay indoors, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham decided it would be a good idea to actually speak her mind

For the mentally challenged who still had questions about how far she’s willing to go, the Madam Governor spoke her truth quite plainly. 

“If there’s an emergency — and I’ve declared an emergency for a temporary amount of time — I can invoke additional powers,” MLG explained with the diplomatic flavor of Emperor Palpatine, “No constitutional right, in my view, including my oath is intended to be absolute.”

As a result, millions of people from all around the world finally know what a tyrannical cunt she really is. 

While some may stop short of employing offensive language in their descriptions of tyranny, I’ve never had much use for those some. The New Mexico I love raised me a bit different — Michelle Lujan Grisham is, objectively, a tyrannical cunt.  

Nevertheless, for the large majority in “The Land of Mañana”, it’s never time to take a stand.

On March 23, 2020, MLG ordered the complete shut down of all “non-essential businesses” in New Mexico because of 83 cases of coronavirus— she claimed it would be temporary. 

But only after the already struggling New Mexican economy had been completely decimated, and hundreds of thousands were coerced into taking an experimental shot, did the Governor relax her stranglehold on liberty. The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency was finally allowed to expire on March 6, 2023.  

MLG’s tyranny was enabled by that large “mañana” majority — sheep who were perfectly compliant while being led to the slaughter.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham observed the popular weakness throughout her command of the scamdemic and now has no reservation in laying down her law for those worthless peasants who dare to defy her rule. 

In fact, her tenure has been defined by crisis with 116 Emergency Executive Orders in 2023 alone.  

Still, MLG feigns reason as an excuse for her madness — she just wants to open up a “strong debate” about gun violence, while ignoring the deleterious effects of her jab mandates and stay-at-home orders. 

But one shouldn’t be fooled. MLG’s latest dictate is a blatant provocation. She wants a negative reaction so she can invoke her full powers — forever.   

There’s been a lot of memes circulating recently, encouraging free souls not to comply with whatever happens next. This is what those memes were talking about.  

I hope you do better this round, New Mexico. If you can’t muster at least ten percent of the population to take a peaceful stand for liberty, there may not be another chance.


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