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Proud Boy Sentencing Error Leads to Confusion in J6 Community

Speculations and rumors circulated amongst the J6 community Friday morning after it was learned that Proud Boy leader, Ethan Nordean, was pulled from the DC Gulag early morning for an emergency sentencing hearing. Nordean was recently sentenced to an astounding 18 years in prison for his role at the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021.

Was this a sign that Nordean might cooperate with the government in exchange for a reduced sentence??

“I can’t imagine that,” commented one Proud Boys attorney, Roger Roots.Ethan’s one of the toughest ones. He’s a solid guy,”

At the courthouse, Judge Kelly pushed out the 12:30 emergency hearing to 1:30, presumably to allow himself a lunch break. He is currently presiding over US v Horn in the same court room.

Defense counsel, Nick Smith, approached the bench to express serious concern over the calculations used to determine Nordean’s sentence. In his sentencing, three of his counts were calculated to 18 years each after terror enhancements. Smith explained that count 6 appears to have exceeded the statutory maximum of 10 years, and that the two other counts should not qualify for terror enhancements also capping them out at 10 years each. As his sentences are to be served concurrently, this would bring his sentence down to 10 years.

Judge Kelly’s Fettermanian facial expression demonstrated his personal confusion.

“So this is a matter of order of operations?” he queried.

The government had little to say in response about the whole matter.

His Honor informed the courtroom of his intention to ponder over this confounding calculus.

Nordean smiled and winked to friends in the court room.

Suzzanne Monk, advocate and friend to the Proud Boys, was also in the courtroom. She commented afterward.

“Judge Kelly is not informed or educated enough in the laws around the charges of terrorism to operate criminal cases that involve terrorism charges. He needs to recuse himself until he has that education. If he doesn’t recuse himself, Congress needs to assist him in that recusal.”

Suzzanne Monk

Needless to say, the J6 community exhaled a huge sigh of relief to learn Nordean wasn’t turning.

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