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Inconceivable! Attorney Says Department of Justice Retaliating Against J6 Witnesses

Last Wednesday, September 13, another one-sided J6 trial ended with a verdict of guilty on all counts. The government deployed their usual “big picture” of violence at the Capitol on that day.

We were reminded by defense counsel, Roger Roots, in closing, that defendant, Ryan Zink, never went into the Capitol, never interfered with or yelled at police, even protected them and protected a window.

The bullying inside and outside the court room continued. The right still playing defense per usual for the past 200 years. The left…er…the government agents seeking revenge for the lockers they were shoved in during their formative years.

It’s been typical form for the government to run a video montage of violence at the Capitol on the west side for every jury. It’s probably the same footage sent out to the Mockingbird Media to play on loop for its drooling fans for weeks after the event.

The lack of that montage in this trial changed it up a little. That’s a good thing, I guess, as the judges must be getting bored at this point.

Testimonial from the witnesses for the defense was compelling. At least what the court allowed.

Listen to Roger Roots and I briefly discuss and see the footage.

Ryan Zink was indubitably at the Capitol as media.

He’s been quite outspoken claiming that he didn’t even want to go, but his father, Jeff Zink, a candidate for U.S. Congress, employed Ryan as his campaign photographer and compelled him to attend with him for promotional content. Ryan live-streamed that day to Facebook.

Pictures in evidence show Ryan wearing a large Canon camera that day. The Canon was confiscated and the footage seems to be missing…or withheld…but I’m sure there was nothing maleficent in that by the government. They’re only here to help us.

On the upper tier of the east side of the Capitol, Ryan was not the only photog. Two others rushed forward with the crowd and were actually allowed behind police lines.

Defense was unable to locate either of these men as witnesses, and, of course, had no help from the government, Brady be damned.

At the same time the prosecutors were sending emails to the defense team requesting everything the witnesses had ever written about January 6, three of the seven witnesses for the defense apparently had their Facebook accounts stolen.

Bobby Powell said his account was stolen two weeks prior when he appeared on the witness list for US v Barron. Ryan Zink’s girlfriend also lost access to her account when Ryan was first indicted.

I’m totally convinced this was mere coincidence, of course. Anything else would be a violation of the Sixth Amendment, right to counsel.

Aside from testimony in the J6 “Select Truths” Committee Hearings, we have yet to hear from Congress of their experiences in the House Chamber on Jan6. The John Pierce Law team subpoenaed 3 House members for the Zink trial, Greene, McCarthy and Jordan.

They sent their lawyers instead and exerted the Speech and Debate Clause of the Constitution.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) from Zink’s home state has apparently flirted with the idea that he might show up without subpoena. But none of them ever do.

Check it out.

In another completely random and coincidental occurrence, witness for the defense, Andrew Pore, was sexually molested by the TSA on his way home from testifying.

“When you’re told to go take off your clothes, that’s detention. You’re not free to leave,” explained Roots.

They’re working on obtaining a police report.

Roots shared the lovely tale.

Roots was vehement with Judge Boasberg.

“I hope that if it is shown to be retaliation for testifying against the government that you, Your Honor, will visit the harshest sanction that the law allows.”

Boasberg moved on without batting an eyelid.


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