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Ryan Samsel, Fed Fantasies, and Attempted Retaliation Against “J6 Fangirl”

I wasn’t even paying attention to the J6 trial schedule last week when I received an evening call from J6 defendant, James Grant, in the DC Gulag. I hadn’t heard from James in a minute.

He told me that his trial was going on, and one of his co-defendants, Ryan Samsel, flipped on all their co-defendants and had been working with the feds all along.

James said Ryan was “siding with Ray Epps.” He also told me Ryan was not back in the J6 pod with him in the DC Gulag. That he “went home.”

Now, the “fed” part wasn’t that crazy. But I told James that I wasn’t in the courtroom, and if he wasn’t willing to be a source, it wasn’t a story I could publish. I needed evidence.

Last weekend, I got a call from three of the other DC Gulag J6 inmates, Chris Quaglin, Andrew Taake, and Brian “Scooter” Jackson, to discuss the events.

I include clips of that interview throughout this piece.

If you haven’t read my previous exposé about Ryan Samsel, I highly suggest reading that now to understand the background of this story.

So, no one was covering this trial, as far as I could tell. That seemed odd. This would be big news.

James told me I needed to break this story, and he was giving it to me before going to other media such as Stew Peters whom he said would be interviewing him the coming weekend.

Then I started getting texts from another DC inmate’s account, Thomas Ballard, pushing me to “break the story.”

My perception of Ballard is that he’s a pretty quiet guy, with kind eyes, who stays to himself and just wants to get home to his family. As I didn’t normally converse with Ballard, these texts were highly suspicious and out of character. And the spelling errors and lack of punctuation reeked of Samsel.

It’s questionable that Samsel’s second language is even English.

Thomas Ballard. Support him here.

At this point, I was 99% sure I was conversing with Ryan Samsel himself, not Thomas Ballard.

Like several other J6 defendants, Samsel has a main character complex. As if I wouldn’t be talking to other inmates in the J6 pod?? But I figured I would give him just enough rope to hang himself.

Even though I wasn’t responding to many of his texts, he kept going. He was thirsty, and I was giving him salt water he thought would quench his thirst.

Next, he brought in James Grant. Not sure if this was really James…or maybe just sometimes it was actually James.

It has to be extremely difficult for a psychopathic narcissist to continue bad mouthing himself. Something had to give.

It was a boring Friday night, so I decided to really level up my game.

This was a very tricky question. It took him 8 minutes to get back to me.

Okay, I might have taken that a little too far. He was getting suspicious.

A couple other inmates were aware I was questioning the texts I was receiving. They confirmed a couple things for me.

I knew Ryan was trying to discredit me since I had exposed him in my previous article.

Saturday morning, Samsel got up early and followed Chris Quaglin into the tv room. He accused Chris of being a snitch. All Chris did was answer my questions.

Samsel threw some of his “MMA street fighter” moves on Chris who, sadly, ended up with a couple of black eyes and broken fingers.

Here’s what fake Thomas Ballard (AKA Samsel) told me.

It has been reported to me by several sources that Samsel himself has actually been witnessed by cellmates “beating himself up.” This included smashing his face against a wall.

Chris called out to the vigil Saturday night to share that Ryan Samsel was no longer in the J6 pod of the jail.

Because Chris is not a snitch, he told the guards he fell. They reviewed surveillance video and saw Samsel come out of the tv room alone after they both went in.

The left reported on that vigil call. I’m now officially “J6 Fan Girl.”

JustALazyGamer calls for the communications with the outside to be shut down for the inmates . He doesn’t understand why the J6ers are all together in a pod. He apparently thinks there is more violence in the J6 pod than gen pop. He is so confused by it all. Ya gotta hear this…


I told the guys about it.

Chris explains why they are all in a pod together. It was a decision the DC jail made. They were in general population at first, but because administration told the guards and the inmates that the J6ers were all white supremacists, they were in danger.

Saturday afternoon, I got a call from the real Thomas Ballard. He let me know he got his tablet back and saw the texts Samsel sent me from his account. He wanted to make sure I knew it was not him. I assured him I knew it wasn’t him. He was embarrassed that he made the mistake of allowing Samsel to use his tablet.

Ballard also wanted to make sure that whomever it is in the jail administration who reads the messages knows.

I’m guessing that whomever it is was enjoying the show.

As for Samsel, I’m sure he will continue communicating in his first language. He’s quite fluent in Violence.

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