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Psychedelic Rhythms of 1776 While On The Hunt for an Honest Election in Springfield, Missouri.  

Speculation swirled on Thursday evening around the announcement that a Donald Trump press conference (wherein he would present irrefutable evidence of election fraud in Georgia) had been cancelled. Meanwhile in Missouri, this Free Range Journalist enjoyed a well-deserved double IPA in the parking lot of the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, listened to monotonous cicada songs, and considered information gathered through two days of revelation at Mike Lindell’s Election Crimes Summit in Springfield. The paralleling rhythms to the information space of late 2020 weren’t exactly heartwarming. It’s a shame I wasn’t at liberty to consume psilocybin for a disturbingly familiar trip.

In the lead-up to Lindell’s official announcement of “The Plan”, the mood in the convention was less than ecstatic. Two and a half years after the bumbling and traitorous Joe Biden was installed in the White House, “Absolute Proof” hasn’t seemed to have made much of an impact toward saving our nation from this disastrous decline. The economy is shit, we are perched headlong for disaster abroad, and government whistleblowers from multiple agencies are saying that scamdemic restrictions and mandates will soon be making a return. I’ve even gotten reputable advice that’s it’s a good idea to detox our bodies of any excess heavy metal. No word if Pantera is included or not.

Maybe that’s how it should be, however. Faith isn’t forged with ease, and the spiritual journey is often filled with the painful consequences of a multitude of wrong turns. God knows I’ve always been fond of the FAFO learning method.

No shortage of miraculous circumstance led this punk-rock renegade to a place in the universe where I document my experiences and lobby for freedom in the nexus of MAGA conservative politics — adjacent to the Abou Ben Adhem Shrine Mosque — just down the street from the United States Courthouse. It’s good to know the feds are always close — especially when quiet rumors circulate about plots to arrest event organizers.

Professor David Clements speaks with Emerald Robinson

Almost certainly squared in the DoJ crosshairs is the wild-haired election denier, David Clements. Every time we see each other, a hug is exchanged before discussion is had about how tired we are. His comments on stage reflected the reality of life in the trenches of truth-telling. In contradiction to what the mainstream media would have America believe, there’s not a lot of money being made in his business. Anyone who’s stayed in the fight for the right reasons has been kicked in the ribs repeatedly. The machine has no interest in allowing rational dissent to spread. Nevertheless, dissent not only persists; it thrives. 

Clements’ assessment of personal loss due to his fight for electoral honesty is relatable. Old friends had a bad habit of walking away from those of us who stepped forward to speak out against the emergence of tyrannical creep in 2020. Fortunately, even better friends were found along the way. Dedication inspires a following and there’s quiet understanding that no matter where this road takes us, we’ll reach the end together.

Later on, I spoke with Clements’ wife, Erin, about the realities of media misinformation, the likelihood of success for the plan, and the realization that what we really need is King Jesus. Some may laugh at the concept but there won’t be any jokes when the Martians attack. The world is getting much stranger and prayer is a noble course of action as we patiently wait for judgement. Only fools say the end is near.  

At 1 PM on Thursday, “The Plan” was unveiled as a drone carried a “WMD” into the convention.

Afterward, I sat down for a discussion with Marty Waldman — an engineer I first met last year in Las Vegas, Nevada while I was searching for the future of Western Civilization. With over 40 years of experience in Department of Defense, Navy, and Air Force program management, highlighted through involvement with cruise missiles, space shuttles, and data processing systems design, his assessments are informed, intelligent, and rational.   

“I really believe Lindell’s done his homework,” Marty explained while noting the potential for complications and setbacks, “If we don’t win this, 2028 would really be screwed because they could deploy a lot of systems in four years to counter,  but they have to do a whole lot, just in a few months now, to overcome this spying that we’ll be doing on them. So, I just don’t think that’ll be really possible…I think we have a technical advantage.”

Terpsehore Maras-Lindeman AKA Tore Says, had a bit of a conniption fit when Lindell’s drone came sputtering into the conference room just an hour or so earlier. She and others who were in my immediate vicinity at the time were far less than impressed — pointing to legal issues that could potentially arise while snagging WiFi information at polling locations across America.

I asked Marty to consider her critique. He wasn’t particularly worried. 

“I was thinking they’re gonna pass some laws the same way they implemented drop boxes and mail-in ballots for everybody, but they don’t have time to do that,” he explained, “They don’t have much time to put in the countermeasures, but I guarantee they’re scrambling.”

With a mountain of compiled data from 2020 and 2022, Marty thinks reality will be impossible for America to ignore any further, giving “immediate teeth” to hold the criminals accountable. 

“It’s not like we have to wait to corner them in 2024 with the primaries coming up,” he says, “I have a feeling they had these sniffing devices out deployed all around for 2020 and 2022. So now, doing this in the near future, it’s just icing on the cake. We have it all already. And this is the prelude to releasing it all.”

But while Marty expressed optimism about an informed public bringing a vast network of criminals to Justice, perhaps I’d taken too many black pills in the preceding months. I couldn’t stop thinking about the words of Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn — my immediate reaction to Mike Lindell’s Plan: 

“We know that they are lying, they know that they are lying, they even know that we know they are lying, we also know that they know we know they are lying too, they of course know that we certainly know they know we know they are lying too as well, but they are still lying. In our country, the lie has become not just moral category, but the pillar industry of this country.”

As the pillars of deep state interests are challenged, and public sentiment shifts against those who’ve corrupted our democratic processes, Marty isn’t taking some starry-eyed view, however. He understands how ugly things are likely to become. 

“I think it’s coming down to a war no matter what, and I don’t mean necessarily physical war, but one side or the other’s gonna crack on this, and they’re not gonna crack easy,” he explains soberly, “Even if they went to physically remove the regime from the White House, they would probably burn the White House down in the process. There’s no graceful way for them to get out of it.”

Marty describes an existential crisis where the bad guys are losing — weakened and beaten down by the will of the American Patriot — prone to push disinformation as part of their last-ditch effort to demoralize We The People.  

“It’s like in the movies where the guy has two minutes to disarm the bomb and if he touches one wire to the wrong place, it explodes and kills everybody,” Marty explains further, “That’s what this is. This is a huge diffusing. But I don’t think Trump would’ve volunteered to do this if he didn’t think it was possible. And there have been casualties and you’re right in the middle of that, but that’s the nature of war. There’s prisoners of war.” 

So while I give further consideration to Lindell’s plan, two days later from my camper trailer home in South Central Missouri, naysaying seems far from my mind. Just yesterday, I was reminded of what we fight for — why we struggle to bring truth to the fore. 

Although legitimate doubts remain as to what Lindell’s plan can accomplish, giving up isn’t an option and any success is dependent upon our willingness to take action. I listen attentively to the voice of God — made manifest through the psychedelic rhythm of the Ozark cicadas. Reality rings clearly in my ears.  

“There’s no doubt about it,” my friend Marty told me as we discussed the great hunt for an honest election, “This is 1776 right now.”

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