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Trump Set For Arrest — Bongino Makes a Suggestion as Derangement Syndrome Takes Hold 

Dan Bongino says the time for playing fuckaround has passed.

While laying out his case for why Donald Trump shouldn’t post bond in Georgia, later this evening, the former NYPD officer and Secret Service Agent says it’s time for “smart ass tyrant” Fannie Willis and anyone else who wants to subvert the 2024 election to find out. 

In a rapidly deteriorating union, it’s hard to argue with his assessment. Reason has long since been replaced with madness, and the political hacks are dragging us all into the flaming clown car of division — putting the petal to the metal and picking up speed — on our ways to what now seems like an inevitable rendezvous with plight. 

As was recently pointed out by former FBI Special Agent turned whistleblower Kyle Seraphin, irreparable damage is being done in real-time. Seraphin says America needs a different kind of solution. 

Yesterday saw the arrests of nine of Trump’s associates and free speech has been criminalized like never before. 

Symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome are exhibited across the political spectrum, like the latest variant of COVID-19, and immune escape seems closer than ever before. The ambient temperature of public sentiment is close to setting off a firestorm — the likes of which would make what happened in Maui seem like a distant memory from another day in paradise. 

Unfortunately for all of us, the Republican Debate was yet another exercise in establishment stupidity — a showcase of ignorant glee over the demise of sanity.

But DEMOCRACY ‘24, yo!

Anyone with half a brain cell and a Xitter account tuned into Trump with Tucker — 237 Million impressions and counting. Whether anyone likes it or not, Orange Man remains the people’s choice. 

But if the current course holds steady, there will be nothing left for Trump to make great again. Good luck with selling hats in the ashes of the American empire. Without a doubt, Biden and the rest of the corrupt system that brought his decrepit majesty to power have no interest in American success. 

So maybe Bongino is onto something. At the very least, we might have a better idea of where we stand. God knows we could all use a real statesman for a change. 

Trump is scheduled to be arrested at 7:30 EST. Let’s hope he makes the right choice. 

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