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Pro Se Defendant Takes Government to the Mat Over Undercover Police Involvement on January 6th

Pro Se Defendant William Pope continues to uncover the many layers of undercover police involvement on January 6th, and the United States Government isn’t happy about it. 

On August 21, Pope filed a 41-page motion to compel the government to produce all materials related to undercover police at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. After pointing out the government’s failure to produce discovery of potentially exculpatory evidence, Pope explains further:

“It is now known that the officer who was repeatedly urging people to advance up the steps to the Capitol, was also infiltrating the Proud Boys organization against MPD policy and in violation of federal law, and that the government is withholding text messages exchanged between that officer and the Proud Boys. It is also now known that undercover D.C. police were praising individuals who broke windows at the Capitol and thanked individuals who were removing fencing.” 

With no interest in sitting idly by while their web of bullshit comes undone, the United States Attorney’s Office immediately filed an emergency motion in response — asking the Court to remove Pope’s motion from the public docket and place it under seal. 

The Government’s motion explains their reasoning — or whatever we want to call it:

“The defendant’s motion contains information that is subject to the protective order in this case, including block quotations from a report (CAPD_009734532) that has been designated as highly sensitive under the protective order (ECF No. 139 at 13).”

But the USAO didn’t stop with a simple request to keep the truth hidden. They also allege that Pope’s filing “constitutes a knowing violation of Section 4(d) of the protective order (ECF No. 26).”

As pointed out by Pope on Xitter, quoting discovery is a routine occurrence. For whatever reason, the government is pulling out all the stops to keep limits on public understanding. 

As for what specific materials the government is so sensitive about, Pope has already made many of them public — making it much more difficult to ignore their existence. Bodycam footage shows “new evidence of illicit behavior by undercover police at the Capitol.”

Obviously, the police “fucked this shit all the way up.”

While protesters poured into a West Terrace doorway, opened by police from the inside, some police expressed disbelief at the monumental security failure. 

But maybe the parts that could really sting sensitive areas of the government’s case are still buried away in 90 redacted pages of intelligence and other still-hidden materials. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, undercover officer Ryan Roe gets caught thanking the still-unidentified #FenceCutterBullwark for removing the fencing from the Capitol grounds. 

Pope plans to file a response to the Government’s suppressive behavior as soon as possible. In a Tuesday morning text, Pope reiterates that his motion is fully compliant with the Government’s protective order. He describes the USAO response as a “desperate…attempt to avoid producing the requested materials.”

Free State William Pope pictured near the Washington Monument on January 6, 2021

So, while a weaponized Department of Justice continues to play coverup for multiple agency involvement on January 6th, a non-violent defendant takes them to the mat. And with no thanks to Kevin McCarthy and the rest of the feckless Republican politicians in Congress, America is getting closer to having the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. 

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