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Life in the Heap with Uncle Donnie and Roger Stone

I finally took some time to watch “A Storm Foretold” — the much-discussed Danish documentary that followed the incomparable Roger Stone for roughly two years during the lead-up to, and in the aftermath of, the 2020 Presidential Election. 

Just recently, a clip from the film circulated widely on Xitter — a clip in which Stone appears to be in a state of extreme irritation and perhaps close to a fit of rage.

During a heated phone call, Stone calls for the second impeachment of Donald J. Trump. 

At first glance, I see why a typical armchair MAGA media consumer would be shocked by what Stone says. Indeed, that was the apparent purpose behind the social media influence operation that pushed the clip into everyone’s feeds while indictments are handed down in Georgia.  

As we should well know at this point, division is the new world order. 

But without context, it’s impossible to understand his frame of mind and let’s get real. Plenty of people were pissed off at Uncle Donnie after January 6, 2021. The overall sentiment didn’t improve when he up and left the White House on January 20th. 

Many who’d lobbied hard for strong leadership felt like they’d been hung out to dry — and I’m not even talking about Proud Boys or Oathkeepers…yet.

So, while it may be easy for a run-of-the-mill MAGA cultist to go ape-shit over Stone’s assessment during a very emotional time, anyone who considers the Reichstag Fire realities we’ve faced since the day Trump left office shouldn’t be upset by Stone’s commentary about 45. Hell —Stone now says it’s a deep-fake, but we can return to that claim when it matters. 

With the future of Western Civilization at stake, a man has to do what a man has to do. 

Regardless of what is now said to spare the former President’s sensitive ego, his clot shot is a disaster and life in America is more challenging than ever. And even though the radically retarded left might want to use Stone’s Inauguration Day critique to drive a wedge between Trump and his grassroots support, their relentless prosecution of the MAGA King will likely lead to their undoing. In fact, general public sentiment suggests they’ve overplayed their hand

In a much less widely seen clip from the Danish film that some say was an intelligence operation, Stone lays out the stakes in a brutally honest and brilliant fashion. Regardless of any personal opinions of the man, he is, without a doubt, a political genius. 

Stone knows what the fuck he is talking about. 

After watching the White House get handed over to the unprecedented corruption of the Biden Regime, Stone explains that America had better prepare for what comes next. 

“This is going to be an epic fight,” he explains.

“But you can’t fight without soldiers,” Stone continues while chewing on what seems like an imaginary piece of beef jerky, “If they take all your soldiers out by falsely accusing them of crimes, they essentially kill Trumpism.”

This was Stone’s reasoning as to why Trump should’ve issued pardons for all involved before he left office. Too much was at stake to play politics as usual, and Stone understood the emerging ideological battlefield. 

When asked about what “they” might think, Stone’s answer is simple:

“Who gives a fuck?” 

He asks the question twice before explaining there’s nothing “they” can do to stop it. 

“Someone’s coming to kill you,” Stone explains, “Why do you care about their feelings?”

Two and a half years later, it’s easy to see why Roger Stone was ready to fight dirty. Unfortunately for the hundreds whom a politically motivated Department of Justice has since prosecuted, Stone’s efforts to get the message to Trump were seemingly blocked by Pasquale Anthony “Pat” Cipollone — the attorney who represented 45 during the first impeachment trial. 

Now, everyone from his administration who fought the good fight for Trump in 2020 is under threat of imprisonment — many of the low-level players are already doing prison time. OathKeepers and Proud Boys were railroaded through the courts, and the sentences are severe. 

It doesn’t matter if their intent wasn’t to overthrow the U.S. government. An illegitimate regime makes all the rules now. “Insurrection” is defined as any act of resistance. 

So, while fecklessly weak Republicans like MTG and Kevin Gaetz play gratuitous games of grab-ass in Congress, along with slimy Kevin McCarthy and a barely-sentient Mitch McConnell, good soldiers are being removed from the battlefield daily. 

It’s a mixed bag of shit we all have to deal with now. No wonder Stone was pissed at Trump when he boarded Marine One and left the most powerful office in America.

It remains to be seen if we can limit the bleeding and live to fight another day — maybe then, 45 can be given one more chance to make good on his unkept promise to make America great again. As disgusted as some of us may be with giving him another shot, it’s not like there’s a choice. 

Life is a game of compromise and pragmatism, after all. 

“Maybe this is the end of times,” Stone said back in early 2021, “But I’m not gonna give up on the country just because a bunch of jack-booted thugs want to twist the law and twist your words to accuse you.”

With the law thoroughly twisted to fuck-all while jack-booted thugs explore fascinating new methods of turning Americans into criminal insurrectionists, a generalized strategy for success is quite clear. 

“At some level, you have to fight,” Stone continued, “I’m not suggesting violence, but I am suggesting resistance.”

Now that Uncle Donnie is in a heap of trouble with the rest of us, maybe there’s a chance after all. 

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